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  • A must-have for digging, dirt moving, loading and carrying material with your compact tractor 
  • Easy to attach and remove 
  • Delivers excellent lift capacity and height to help you get more done around your farm or acreage 
  • Equipped with float functionality to follow ground contours as you work 
  • Use a variety of attachments with the Quick-Tach mounting system


Skid Bar Design

Provides wear protection to bottom of bucket; backs up the cutting edge and adds strength to the bottom of the bucket. 

Low Back and Longer Bottom

The standard bucket features a low back and long bottom for more material capacity and better visibility to the cutting edge. 

Bucket Level Indicator

The level indicator allows you to easily gauge the level of your bucket to reduce spillage. 

Five Models

FL6, FL7, FL8, FL9 and FL9-5 models available; select the model that fits your compact tractor. 

Grill Guard

The grill guard protects the front of Bobcat compact tractors from debris. 

Rear Ballast Box

A rear ballast box is available for use with front-end loaders to balance the weight of the tractor and avoid wheel slippage. 

Quick-Tach System

The Quick-Tach system makes mounting attachments on the front-end loader quick and easy. Simply line up your compact tractor’s mounting plate to the attachment, engage the attachment wedges and lower levers until they’re locked securely in place. 


Top Tasks

  • Use your front-end loader in every season to haul, scoop, grade, dig and more 

How It Works

Attach the hydraulic hoses from the loader arms to the tractor. Drive into the loader arms and roll the bucket, which will drop the arms toward the tractor. Then simply lift the loader arms to seat the loader into the mounting bracket and install the mounting pins. Your loader arms are now ready to use.


Front-End Loader - Compact Tractors, (60" Cutting Edge Bolt on, FL7/FL8)

Front-End Loader - Compact Tractors, (60" Cutting Edge Bolt on, FL7/FL8)

Front-End Loader - Compact Tractors, (66" Cutting Edge Bolt on, FL9)

Front-End Loader - Compact Tractors, (72" Cutting Edge Bolt on, FL9-5)

Front-End Loader - Compact Tractors, (Bolt on, FL6)


Operating Weight

915 lb

1070 lb

1202 lb

1400 lb

606 lb


45 in

Bobcat Front-End Loader Attachment

    Bobcat Front-End Loader Attachment

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