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Bobcat Stories


National Photo Month May Contest Showcasing Bobcat Equipment Across the Nation

Celebrate National Photo Month with Bobcat GDN's May Contest! Discover stunning photos of Bobcat equipment in action and meet our top winners. Join our community of enthusiasts showcasing the power and versatility of Bobcat machinery.


New Every 2 Contractor Uses Bobcat Leasing Program for Reliability

Discover how GBH Enterprises, led by Brad Hull, maintains its sterling reputation in Southern California's construction industry by leveraging Bobcat's leasing program for a modern and reliable fleet. With a focus on appearance and dependability, they tackle high-profile projects with precision and efficiency, setting a trend for other contractors in the region.


Resilient Business Owner Empowered by Bobcat Joystick Controls

Witness the inspiring journey of Mario Coss, a resilient business owner whose determination and the support of his wife, Hilda Garcia, helped them overcome adversity. With Bobcat® machines featuring joystick controls, they transformed their firewood business, Hildawood, into a thriving enterprise despite life-changing circumstances.


Real and Replica Bobcat Machines Cover Day and Night

Discover how a couple's Bobcat® Toolcat™ utility work machine inspired a creative solution to their son's bedtime struggles. Explore the heartwarming story of the Kowalonek family and their deep connection to Bobcat machines, both real and replica, in their Pennsylvania home.


Indiana Couples Business Model Leads to Growing Opportunities

Join the journey of Andrea and Benjamen Mohr as they grow Audrey’s Outdoor Services from a small landscaping business into a full-service outdoor enterprise. With a Bobcat® compact track loader, they deliver top-notch service while maintaining a small-town charm.


Bobcat Equipment Rounds Out the Herd at Blufftop Farm

Explore the inspiring journey of the Check family as they restore Blufftop Farm in Wisconsin through regenerative farming practices. With a single Bobcat skid-steer loader and heritage breed cattle, they combine old-school tactics with modern technology to revitalize the land.


Carla Beltrans Sustainable Dream Hope on the Homestead with Bobcat Equipment

Discover Carla Beltran's inspiring journey of transforming her homestead dream into reality with Bobcat® equipment. From her vision of sustainability to creating a haven for all, follow Carla's story of dedication, hard work, and hope.

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