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Enhanced Performance and Productivity with the Bobcat® T76

Experience unparalleled performance and productivity with the Bobcat® T76 compact track loader, engineered to tackle larger tasks in less time, optimizing your workflow. Here are the standout features:

  • Increased Lifting Capabilities: The T76 boasts enhanced lifting capabilities, allowing you to effortlessly handle heavier loads with precision and efficiency.
  • Standard Selectable Joystick Control: With standard Selectable Joystick Control, operators can enjoy precise control and enhanced maneuverability, boosting overall productivity on the job site.
  • Premium Comfort Features: Designed with operator comfort at the forefront, the T76 comes equipped with premium comfort features to minimize fatigue and maximize efficiency during extended work hours.

Engineered as part of the groundbreaking R-Series loader lineup, the T76 vertical-lift-path compact track loader is meticulously crafted to excel in the most demanding jobsites. Powered by a robust 74-horsepower inline engine and direct-drive system, coupled with cast-steel lift arms and optimized lift arm linkage, the T76 delivers heightened lift height and capacity for unparalleled performance. Its low ground pressure track system enables seamless navigation through soft, sandy, wet, or muddy conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Operators will appreciate the robust hydraulics, swift cycle times, and leading comfort features that guarantee a productive and comfortable work environment. The advanced 5-link torsion suspension undercarriage ensures a smooth ride even during prolonged working hours, while streamlined features simplify routine service and maintenance tasks, enhancing overall efficiency. With the Bobcat® T76 compact track loader, you can confidently tackle challenging jobs with ease and precision.

Ready to elevate your performance with the Bobcat® T76? Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo!

Bobcat T76 Compact Track Loader

  • Rated Operating Capacity (ISO) 2,900 lb
    Operating Weight 10250 lb
    Ground Pressure (Rubber) 6.2 psi
    Auxiliary Std Flow 23.3 gal/min
    Auxiliary High Flow 30.3 gal/min
    Joystick Control Standard 

Bobcat T76 Compact Track Loader

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