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Effortless Trench Work and Compaction with Bobcat® TR75 Trench Roller

Dominate trench work and various compaction tasks effortlessly with the remote-controlled Bobcat® TR75 Trench Roller. Equipped with solar-powered remote control and high-compaction performance, this trench roller ensures superior results in a wide range of applications.

  • Solar-powered remote control: Allows for convenient and efficient operation, enhancing productivity on the job site.
  • High-compaction performance: Delivers impressive compaction results on various materials, including dense soils, ensuring optimal compaction in every application.
  • Oscillating drums: Provide greater ground contact, ensuring thorough compaction and uniformity across the surface.
  • Ideal in a wide variety of applications: Suitable for pipeline trench construction, commercial, industrial, and residential development, structure backfill work, as well as electric and cable installation.
  • Standard drum extensions: Offer versatility and adaptability for different compaction tasks, enhancing the machine's functionality.

Outsmart operator fatigue and achieve exceptional compaction results with the Bobcat® TR75. This powerful trench roller is designed to tackle challenging compaction tasks with ease, providing unmatched performance and reliability. With its tight turning radius, low center of gravity, and oscillating articulated joint, the TR75 offers excellent maneuverability and maintains complete contact on uneven ground, ensuring thorough compaction in any terrain. Experience the ultimate in compaction efficiency with the Bobcat® TR75 Trench Roller.

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Bobcat TR75 Trench Roller

  • Engine Model


    Engine Make



    19.6 hp

    Machine Length

    78 in

    Machine Width

    24 in

    Machine Height

    52 in

    Centrifugal Force

    8093 lbf

    Centrifugal Force I

    16860 lbf

    Centrifugal Force II

    8093 lbf

Bobcat TR75 Trench Roller

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