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The Bobcat® AT450 Articulating Tractor stands out as a robust and adaptable equipment engineered to tackle demanding tasks with ease, offering remarkable maneuverability, dependable performance, and operator comfort.

Its distinctive articulating and oscillating frame significantly boosts traction and maneuverability, empowering operators to navigate effortlessly through narrow spaces and rugged landscapes.

Equipped with premium attachment options and an intuitive QuickHitch system, the AT450 ensures unparalleled versatility and year-round operation, catering to diverse tasks and environments.

Featuring a spacious platform, strategically positioned controls, and ergonomically designed foot pegs, operators experience comfort and convenience during prolonged use.

The unique articulating frame of the AT450 enables precise control in confined spaces and challenging terrains, while the QuickHitch attachment system facilitates swift transitions between tasks, supported by a wide array of available attachments.

From its ergonomic construction to its impressive performance capabilities, the Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor proves to be a dependable and invaluable asset for any worksite.

Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor

  • Engine Cooling:


    Fuel Type:



    32.5 hp

    Engine Model:

    Kubota WG972 


    59 in³

Bobcat AT450 Articulating Tractor

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