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Unlock Compact Power with the Bobcat® L23 Small Articulated Loader

Compact Efficiency for Versatile Applications

The Bobcat® L23 small articulated loader offers exceptional lifting capability while maintaining a compact and turf-friendly design, making it the perfect solution for various applications. Here's why the L23 stands out:

  • Minimal Ground Disturbance: Experience minimal ground disturbance with the L23's turf-friendly design, ensuring that delicate surfaces remain undamaged during operation.
  • Tight-Turning Articulation Joint: Maneuver through tight spaces with ease, thanks to the L23's tight-turning articulation joint, allowing access to confined areas that larger equipment can't reach.
  • Impressive Lifting Capacity: Despite its compact size, the L23 boasts an impressive lifting capacity, enabling you to tackle heavy lifting tasks with confidence and efficiency.

The Bobcat® L23 small articulated loader is specifically designed to navigate small lots, backyards, and other tight jobsites with ease, providing unparalleled versatility and performance. Its tight-turning articulation joint ensures maneuverability in confined spaces, allowing you to navigate through obstacles effortlessly. Plus, with its impressive lifting capability, the L23 maximizes productivity on every job.

Ready to experience the compact power of the Bobcat® L23 small articulated loader? Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo!

Bobcat L23 Small Articulated Loader

  • Horsepower

    24.8 hp

    Rated Operating Capacity Straight (ISO)

    1,395 lb

    Rated Operating Capacity Art. (ISO)

    1,159 lb

    Operating Weight

    3790 lb

    Auxiliary Std Flow

    12.1 gal/min

    Width (over tires)

    43.2 in

Bobcat L23 Small Articulated Loader

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