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Indiana Couples Business Model Leads to Growing Opportunities

Over the course of 15 years, Andrea and Benjamin Mohr grew their business and their family. What started as a small landscaping business has grown to a full-service outdoor business. With the help of a Bobcat® compact track loader, the Mohrs deliver excellent service with a small-town feel.

The average 18-year-old’s days are filled with school, hobbies, friends and dreams of the future. For Andrea Mohr, those days also meant an early start on her future as a small business owner. Fifteen years later, she’s still working just as hard to deliver value and quality through her family’s steadfast business. Audrey’s Outdoor Services offers a variety of services with the help of Bobcat® equipment.

Getting to Work

Andrea worked for an outdoor services business throughout high school. After high school graduation, she was offered an opportunity she couldn’t refuse — to purchase the business. Andrea named her new business, “Audrey’s Outdoor Services,” after a childhood nickname. With plans to attend college, she began managing the business while continuing her education. The profit she earned helped her pay her way through school.

At the time, she knew she was experiencing college differently than her peers, but her goal to run a successful business motivated her to stay on path. In the early days, she reflects that running the business took true hard work, grit and sacrifices. Andrea knew she had to make a choice — running her own business or as employee somewhere else? She bet on herself.

“I had to make a choice. The business was growing so much, and I was running myself thin,” Andrea says. “I decided to become self-employed and focus on growing my business. I put myself through college, with a lot of hard work and saved up, and I was ready to take it on full time.”

Growing Together

Eventually, she found someone to shoulder the work. After earning an associate’s degree in business, Andrea married and partnered in business with her husband, Benjamen, who was skilled in excavation work.

Over the course of 15 years, Andrea and Benjamen grew not only their business, but also their family. Audrey’s Outdoor Services expanded over time and went from lawn mowing and landscaping to also including septic installation and service, snow removal, and excavation and trucking. It is located in Shelby County, Indiana, and serves the surrounding counties. Andrea and Benjamen have three children who motivate them each day; they want to demonstrate a strong work ethic and the value of hard work to their family.

“My goal is to teach our kids that that hard work pays off,” Andrea says. “Getting up each day and doing the difficult thing is worth it. We have been given wonderful opportunities from God and feel a great responsibility to fulfill those opportunities each day. We are blessed that we are able to work together in order to build a strong future for our children.”

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Always There with the Right Equipment

Audrey’s Outdoor Services is there for customers when they need it. Emergencies come up constantly in this line of work and their team of ten is ready to spring into action to serve their customers. The right fleet of equipment helps them get the job done quickly.

"Our compact track loader is an excellent tool for us. We have attachments that enable us to use it differently from site to site, which is so important in our line of work. Our team loves it, and I can’t imagine our business without it." - Andrea Mohr of Audrey’s Outdoor Services

After years of renting Bobcat machines, Andrea and Benjamen decided to purchase a machine for themselves. Working with their Bobcat dealer in Indianapolis, they purchased a Bobcat compact track loader. Over time, they added attachments as well, including the soil conditioner and various loader buckets.

The versatile Bobcat equipment eases and quickens their pace of work across their business. From landscape installation to grading, to hauling stone in and out of excavation sites, their compact track loader provides exactly what they need.

“It’s an excellent tool for us,” Andrea says. “We have attachments that enable us to use it differently from site to site, which is so important in our line of work. Our team loves it, and I can’t imagine our business without it.”

Looking to the future, Andrea and Benjamen don’t plan to slow their pace anytime soon. They want to continue to provide excellent, reliable work to their customers, while keeping their small-town business feel. Because of the Mohrs’ intention and dedication, they guarantee every customer who works with Audrey’s Outdoor Services feels valued and satisfied.

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