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Drop Hammers

DH1500 / DH3500 / DH9000

The Cyclone Drop Hammer was developed specifically for the demolition and recycling industries to break-up or crack concrete slabs.


  • Shock Free - Patented “skid” system keeps the Cyclone grounded and dissipates the shock as it pulverizes the concrete.
  • Moveable Hammer Pin - For adjusting impact energy.
  • Minimal Setup Time - Increased productivity.
  • Low Maintenance - Field serviceable, no special tools required.
  • Heavy Duty Buffer System - Absorbs impact of a “mis-hit”.
  • Easy Operation - Reduces operator error and fatigue.
  • Compact Design - Makes transport simple.
  • Simple Hook-Up - Allows for easy change of attachments.
  • Low Investment - High production results in the lowest cost per yard-ton figures attainable.

Stanley Drop Hammer

    Stanley Drop Hammer

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