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SK Drum Mulcher OD Pro X

The Drum Mulcher OD’s optimized infeed and bite size produces a smaller end product than conventional Open Drum models while allowing ground contact for maximum productivity. Clear brush and trees up to 9 inches in diameter with a 60 or 72-inch cutting width.

  • Available in 60″ and 72″ cutting width
  • Mulches up to 9″ diameter trees or brush
  • High-flow hydraulic machines only


Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth

Tough enough to tackle rough, rocky terrain and ground engagement with no sharpening required.

TWIN MAUL® CARBIDE TEETH have a tooth life 3-to-5 times longer than steel, and require no sharpening. Designed to withstand abrasion and ground contact, our virgin, domestically-sourced carbide is the finest available. Ideal for rocky terrain and high fire-danger areas.

Carbide teeth are ideal for:

  • Rocky terrain
  • Ground contact
  • Rental fleets
  • Fire-danger areas
  • Less maintenance

Diamond Mowers Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher OD Pro-X

    Diamond Mowers Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher OD Pro-X

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