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SK Drum Mulcher DC Pro X

The Drum Mulcher DC is ideal for turning brush and trees into a finer mulch for quick decomposition. Clear brush and trees up to 9 inches in diameter with a 60 or 72-inch cutting width.

  • Available in 60″ and 72″ cutting width
  • Mulches up to 9″ diameter trees or brush
  • Standard flow or high-flow hydraulic machines


Powerful Mulching Drum

Ideal for large mulch and brush management applications.

Drum mulchers get their name from the cylindrical, drum-like shape. These heavy-duty land clearing mulchers attach to skid loaders and shred small trees and brush with a forward spinning motion — a quality that makes them great options for quick brush and undergrowth removal.

  • Proprietary helical tooth pattern modeled after a vacuum brush to feed material efficiently toward the center of the drum
  • 2-Speed Variable Displacement Piston Motor protected within low profile frame for maximum productivity and visibility
  • Drum shell shaped to mulch material effectively
  • Depth control rings to control bite size

Diamond Mowers Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher DC Pro-X

    Diamond Mowers Skid-Steer Drum Mulcher DC Pro-X

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