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SK Disc Mulcher Pro X

Grind down trees and brush efficiently and reliably. This attachment has a 48 or 60-inch cutting width and the ability to mulch trees up to 6-inches in diameter.

  • Available in 48″ and 60″ cutting width
  • Cuts up to 14″ diameter trees or brush
  • Standard flow or high-flow hydraulic machines


Mulching Disc Design

Ideal for large mulch and brush management applications.

Diamond Mowers’ SK Disc Mulcher Pro X is the best solution for mulching smaller-diameter trees and brush. The design of the disc acts like a flywheel to store energy. This stored energy combines with hydraulic power to enable you to mulch any trees or brush in your path. The shape of the disc and position of the teeth allow you to effectively cut down and mulch material.

Although this attachment is precise and ideal for land clearing applications, we do not recommend it for urban use. Due to the power of this machine, material can travel a great distance, making it less suited for use in populated areas and near buildings.


Cut, Shred, and Mulch Material

Our Disc Mulcher comes equipped with FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH that act like an axe to slice material.


  • There are fixed teeth located on the inside of the deck shell, which mulches material as the disc carries it through
  • The FOUR-POINT HARDENED STEEL TEETH can be easily sharpened to increase efficiency
  • Patented planer knives in the center of the disc eliminate any dead zone


TWIN MAUL® CARBIDE TEETH are now available for the SK Disc Mulcher Pro X.

When installing Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth on the Disc Mulcher, it is important you place them on the underside of the disc only.


This tooth option is ideal for:

  • Rocky terrains
  • Operating conditions with repetitive ground contact
  • No need to sharpen on the bottom of the disc

*The SK Disc Mulcher Pro X comes equipped with Four-Point Hardened Steel Teeth. Twin Maul® Carbide Teeth are available for purchase on our parts website.

Diamond Mowers Skid Steer Disc Mulcher Pro-X

    Diamond Mowers Skid Steer Disc Mulcher Pro-X

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