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Elevate Your Mowing Experience with the Bobcat ZT7000

The Bobcat ZT7000 zero-turn mower stands as a testament to unparalleled toughness and industry-leading performance, engineered to elevate your bottom line. With remarkable transport speeds of up to 19 mph and mowing speeds up to 13 mph, this machine ensures consistent delivery of quality results. Here's what makes it exceptional:

  • Heavy-duty drive system: Bobcat's renowned durability ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding conditions.
  • Industry-leading cutting technology: Precision cutting capabilities ensure immaculate results, job after job.
  • Powerful engine options: Choose from a range of robust Bobcat engine options, providing commercial-grade power to tackle any task with ease.

Experience unmatched performance with the Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 hydrostatic transaxle drive system, offering a 2-speed foot pedal for maximum output and torque. Select from two Bobcat engine variants, delivering up to 37 horsepower for professional-grade performance.

The AirFX™ zero-turn mower cutting deck sets a new standard for precision and quality, engineered by Bobcat. Its deep bullnose design enhances vacuum, lifting grass towards the cutting blade for superior cut quality and increased protection of the cutting deck.

Additional features include:

  • High-performance Bobcat engine for optimal efficiency.
  • Commercial-grade transmission ensures reliable operation.
  • Comfortable command center for enhanced operator comfort.
  • High-capacity dual fuel tanks for extended operation.
  • High-speed mowing capabilities for efficient completion of tasks.

Experience the pinnacle of performance and precision with the Bobcat ZT7000, featuring the innovative AirFX™ Cutting Deck.

Ready to elevate your mowing game? Contact us today to learn more about the Bobcat ZT7000 and schedule a demo!

Bobcat ZT7000 Zero-Turn Mower

  • Key Specs





    Mower Deck AirFX™ Cutting System AirFX™ Cutting System AirFX™ Cutting System AirFX™ Cutting System
    Width 61 in 72 in 61 in 72 in
    Cutting Height 1.5-5.5 in 1.5-5.5 in  1.5-5.5 in 1.5-5.5 in
    Engine Model Kaw FX1000 EFI Kaw FX1000 EFI Kaw FX1000V  Kaw FX1000V 
    Displacement 999 cm³ 999 cm³ 999 cm³ 999 cm³
    Transmission type HG ZT-5400 2-Speed Hydrostatic Transaxles HG ZT-5400 2-Speed Hydrostatic Transaxles HG ZT-5400 2-Speed Hydrostatic Transaxles HG ZT-5400 2-Speed Hydrostatic Transaxles
    Pump Displacement 16 cm³ 16 cm³ 16 cm³ 16 cm³




Bobcat ZT7000 Zero-Turn Mower

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