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Enhance Material Handling Efficiency with the Utility Grapple Attachment

Additional holding ability: The utility grapple offers the additional holding ability necessary to bite down on even the loosest materials, ensuring efficient material handling.
Close proximity operation: Designed with efficiency in mind, the compact design of the utility grapple gets the fork or bucket close to fences, stall walls, or other objects for maximum material moving.
Versatile options: Choose from a fork and grapple, or bucket and grapple to handle a wide variety of farm and ranch jobs, providing versatility for different applications.
Forged teeth: The forged teeth provide exceptional strength with low weight, allowing for more carrying capacity and enhanced durability.

Features & Benefits

  • Curved Teeth: Pull materials into the grapple efficiently, even loose materials, with replaceable teeth for added uptime protection.
  • Forged Teeth: Ensure exceptional strength with low weight, enhancing carrying capacity and overall durability.
  • Provisions for Additional Teeth: Handle smaller materials with ease by adding more teeth for increased efficiency.

Top Tasks

  • Lift and move loose materials such as manure, bedding, and hay.
  • Grip posts, fencing, and other hard-to-manage materials.

Required Components

Ensure seamless operation with the following required components:

  • Port relief on loaders.

Ready to enhance your material handling efficiency? Contact us now to learn more about the Utility Grapple Attachment and schedule a demonstration!

Bobcat Utility Grapple Attachment

    Bobcat Utility Grapple Attachment

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