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Efficient Trenching Solutions for Every Project

Cut into the ground and create a trench through all soil conditions: With our trencher attachments, you can achieve precise trenching results in various soil types, from soft to rocky.
Designed with power and strength: Our trenchers are engineered to tackle the toughest soil types with ease, ensuring efficient trench digging for your projects.

  • Auger: Designed with a large diameter to move material from the side of the trench, minimizing spoil falling back into the trench.
  • Grease Cylinder Tensioning: Easily adjust chain tension for optimal performance.
  • Crumber: Standard feature to help remove soil from the trench, ensuring a clean and smooth trench bottom.
  • Reverse Rotation: Capable of momentarily reversing the chain direction to minimize stalling.
  • Narrow Frame Width: LT112 – LT414 models are narrow enough to fit into a pickup box for convenient transport.
  • Powerful Operation: From black dirt to gravel, our trenchers efficiently dig through tough, rocky soil types.
  • Side Shift: Allows for attachment flexibility when working close to buildings or objects, enhancing productivity in all ground conditions and locations.
  • Versatility: Equip the trencher with various teeth and chain configurations to match soil conditions for maximum digging power.

Top Tasks: Dig trenches for utility and irrigation systems, power and water lines. Trench close to buildings, walls, fences, and other objects.

Choose the Right Model: Select the model that best suits your trenching needs:

  • Light-to-medium trenching jobs: LT112, LT113, and LT213
  • Medium-to-heavy-duty trenching jobs: LT313 and LT414
  • Heavy-duty trenching jobs: LT405
  • Multiple chain styles Available: Choose from multiple chain configurations to suit your specific requirements.

Ready to optimize your trenching operations? Upgrade to our trencher attachments today and experience unmatched efficiency. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a demo!

Bobcat Trencher Attachment

    Bobcat Trencher Attachment

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