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Efficient Tree Digging and Transplanting Solutions

Dig and transplant trees with speed and efficiency: Our tree spade attachments are designed to facilitate quick and efficient tree digging and transplanting operations, saving you time and effort.
Work between closely planted trees: With its compact design, our tree spade can navigate between closely spaced trees without causing damage to surrounding vegetation.

  • Adjustable Legs: Dig five root-ball sizes with one tree spade, thanks to adjustable legs.
  • Blade Versatility: Choose from modified and cone blade configurations to suit various jobsite requirements.
  • Compact Design: Accommodates tough jobs in confined areas without damaging nearby trees or landscaping.
  • Open Frame Design: Provides excellent visibility to the base of the tree, ensuring precise operation.
  • Overlapping Blades: Ensures a clean cut and provides support for the root ball during transplanting.
  • Valve Options: Select from convertible or dedicated ACD valve options to fit a wide range of machines and operator preferences.


Top Tasks: Dig, transplant, and package trees without leaving the comfort of the operator’s seat.

How It Works: Gates on the front of the tree spade open to allow access to the tree. Once around the tree, the gates close, and rear stabilizers on the machine are lowered to transfer weight onto the tree spade. Individual blades are then lowered into the ground to cut the tree roots and create a root ball. The tree can then be transplanted into a new location or placed into a wire basket.

Ready to streamline your tree digging and transplanting operations? Upgrade to our versatile tree spade attachments today. Contact us now to learn more and schedule a demo!

Bobcat Tree Spade Attachment

    Bobcat Tree Spade Attachment

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