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  • Place seed with proper spacing and at precisely the right depth  
  • Unlike broadcast seeders, this attachment seeds directly into the soil for better germination and coverage 
  • Production rate of more than two acres per hour  
  • Optimum seed-to-soil contact 
  • Front mounted on a loader or Toolcat™ utility work machine or rear mounted on a 3-point hitch


Adjustable Gate Control

Adjust the gate to the desired setting for accurate control and metering of seed planting rates. 

Front and Rear Rollers

Front rollers firm and press the seed into the top half-inch of the seedbed, while rear rollers gently form the soil around the seed for optimum seed-to-soil contact. 

Hopper Capacity

At four bushels, the hopper’s capacity will cover several acres without refilling (depending on seed type and planting rate). 

Bob-Tach™ Mounting System or 3-Point Hitch

Quickly switch between the Bob-Tach™ and 3-point mounting options for leading attachment versatility. 


Top Tasks

  • Seeding projects on landscaping sites, acreages, farms and more. 

How It Works

Front rollers crush lumps and press down small stones to form a firm, well-prepared seedbed. Seed is precisely metered with the proper spacing and at the right depth, where it will germinate quickly. 
Rear rollers split the shallow ridges made by the front rollers and gently form the soil around the seeds, ensuring optimum seed-to-soil contact. The result is a perfect seedbed — smooth and firm, with small stones pressed down. 



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Operating Weight

1300 lb


43 in


88 in


44 in

Working Width

72 in

Hopper Capactiy

4 bushel 

Operating Weight (Empty)

1,300 lb

Operating Weight (Full)

1,425 lb

Bobcat Seeder Attachment

    Bobcat Seeder Attachment

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