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  • Rip asphalt and break up hard-packed soil  
  • Preset the digging depth for consistent operation 
  • Operates when traveling in reverse 


Features & Benefits

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Adjustable Depth Skids

The adjustable depth skids allow the operator to preset digging depth and maintain a steady depth when operating the scarifier. The skids can be removed and replaced with two additional scarifying teeth. 

Manual Lock

Use the manual lock to hold the teeth in a stored position for continuous scarifying results. 

Top Tasks

  • Rip asphalt for removal 
  • Break up tough soil for digging 
  • Prepare hard-packed ground for landscaping 

Operating Weight

350 lb


23.6 in


60 in


29.7 in

Maximum Dig Depth

6 in 

Number of Teeth

Bobcat Scarifier Attachment

    Bobcat Scarifier Attachment

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