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  • Separate rocks, debris and other unwanted objects while leaving finer material behind 
  • The tines scoop and retain debris while the soil sifts through, helping to easily separate materials 
  • Designed to last in tough working conditions, the tines are interconnected to provide strength and durability 
  • Ideal attachment for contractors, landscapers and homeowners with acreage 


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Gusseted Tines

Each tine is fully gusseted on both sides for added strength and durability when working in tough conditions. Also, tines are interconnected for additional operating strength. 

Skeletal Design

Designed for maximum operating performance, the skeletal design of the rock bucket allows the tip of the bucket to always be visible to the operator. 

Steel Strength

High steel strength, used in all components of the rock bucket design, provides for a more durable attachment design. 


The rock bucket operates above ground to remove surface vegetation, and also operates below ground to remove submerged objects. 


Top Tasks

  • Clear rocks and debris from jobsites 
  • Prepare and clear land for landscaping 
  • Remove rocks from farm fields 
  • Clear debris for property maintenance 

How It Works

To operate the rock bucket, the tines are submerged below the grade and object. When the bucket is raised up, objects stay in the bucket while   loose material falls through the tines. The rock bucket effectively clears the soil surface of vegetation and other debris. It also pulls objects from below ground. 


Bucket - Rock, 62"

Bucket - Rock, 68"

Bucket - Rock, 74"

Bucket - Rock, 82"


Operating Weight

570 lb

619 lb

652 lb

700 lb


43.6 in

43.6 in

43.6 in

43.6 in


61.9 in

68.6 in

75.4 in

82.1 in


20.8 in

20.8 in

20.8 in

20.8 in

Tine Thickness

0.4 in

0.4 in

0.4 in

0.4 in

Bobcat Rock Bucket Attachment

    Bobcat Rock Bucket Attachment

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