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  • Clear heavy snow and deep snowdrifts with more control and a better view 
  • Easily clear snow with power to move it where you want it 
  • PTO-powered, two-stage blower with front-mount design  
  • Hydraulically operated height adjustment and chute rotation 
  • Available in three sizes:
    • FSB49 - 1000 platform
    • FSB62 - 2000 platform
    • FSB72 - 4000 and 5000 platform 


Front Mount Design

The front mount design makes it easier to operate and improves your visibility to the work in front of you when clearing snow. 

Adjustable Skid Shoes

Depending on your surface, skid shoes can be lowered to scrape the pavement clean or raised to remove snow from uneven surfaces like gravel or dirt. 

Reversible Cutting Edge

The bolt-on, reversible cutting edge is designed to be replaceable to minimize your operating costs. 

Available in Three Sizes

The front mount snowblower is available in three sizes for Bobcat® compact tractors: 

  • FSB49 - 1000 platform 
  • FSB62 - 2000 platform 
  • FSB72 - 4000 and 5000 platform 


Top Tasks

  • Quickly and easily clear snow from sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and roads around your home or workplace
  • Clear the deepest drifts and heavy snow banks
  • Direct snow high and far away to the location you choose

How It Works

The front mount snowblower uses the direct power pulled from the compact tractor’s mid-PTO to blow snow away from the machine. With the front mount design, you can blow snow while moving forward, instead of moving in reverse as you would using a 3-point snowblower implement. Height adjustments and chute rotation are hydraulically operated from the loader control valve – you can easily control both simply by moving the loader joystick.


Front Mount Snowblower - Compact Tractor, 49"

Front Mount Snowblower - Compact Tractor, 62"

Front Mount Snowblower - Compact Tractor, 72"



51.4 in

64.4 in

74.4 in


21 in

21 in


Bobcat Front Mount Snowblower Attachment

    Bobcat Front Mount Snowblower Attachment

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