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  • Power and versatility to dig into any worksite  
  • Mount to a loader to use for applications such as landscaping and moving greenery 
  • Dig in both forward and reverse, adding versatility and jobsite productivity

Dig Depths

Built for versatility, the digger attachment features two maximum dig depths: 27 inches or 48 inches. 

Two Digging Directions

Designed for a variety of applications and maximum productivity, the digger attachment functions both in forward and reverse. 

Multiple Widths

To increase jobsite capabilities, the digger attachment is available in five widths, ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches. 


Handy for a variety of applications, the digger attachment is a versatile tool. It’s excellent for working on jobs such as trenching and loosening hard-packed soil. 


Top Tasks

  • Remove rocks and stumps 
  • Transplant and bareroot trees and shrubs 
  • Prune roots 
  • Dig trenches 
  • Loosen hard-packed soil 


Digger - 12S

Digger - 25"

Digger - 30"

Digger - 36"


Operating Weight

200 lb

290 lb

307 lb

325 lb


32.8 in

52.2 in

52.4 in

52.9 in


36 in

45.4 in

45.4 in

45.4 in


21 in

29.1 in

29.9 in

30.6 in

Dig Depth

28 in

48 in

48 in

48 in

Cutting Width of Digger

12 in

25 in

30 in

36 in

Additional Details

Like a shovel, the digger attachment can be used for applications such as landscaping and moving greenery. But because it is mounted on a loader, the digger attachment works much faster, saving time and energy. The digger attachment can dig in both forward and reverse, which adds versatility while increasing jobsite productivity.

Bobcat Digger Attachment

    Bobcat Digger Attachment

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