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The 21-hp CT1021 sub-compact tractor with four-wheel drive and clutch-free 2-range hydrostatic transmission easily maneuvers around buildings. 

  • Compact 46-inch width 
  • Limited Category 1 three-point hitch for using implements 
  • Rear and mid-PTO
  • This sub-compact tractor is a step up from lawn and garden tractors, but still compact enough to maneuver around barns, sheds and landscaping, making it perfect for mowing and managing a variety of projects around your small acreage. 
  • Mid-PTO provides the option of combining two tools on one machine – one in the back and either one in the front or a mid-mount mower. 
  • Rear PTO and Limited Category 1 three-point hitch allow the versatility to use both drag-behind and PTO-powered implements. 
  • Engage four-wheel drive for hard-working traction when your work demands it. 

Bobcat CT1021 Sub-Compact Tractor

  • Horsepower

    21 hp

    Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point

    700 lb

    PTO HP

    16.3 hp

    Transmission Type

    Infinite, 2 Range Hydrostatic 


    45.7 in

    Turning Radius

    8' 3"


    4' 7"

Bobcat CT1021 Sub-Compact Tractor

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