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Introducing the Bobcat Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment, the ultimate solution for handling tough brush-clearing jobs with ease and precision. Whether it's construction, agriculture, municipalities, or parks-and-recreation, this industry-leading attachment is designed and built to tackle a variety of applications with unmatched efficiency.

Key Features:

Powerful Brush Cutting Action: Utilizing dual offset blades, the Brushcat rotary cutter mulches small branches and saplings up to 3 inches in diameter, effortlessly cutting through thick grass, brush, and undergrowth while maintaining the optimal power-to-blade ratio.

Superior Deck Design: The lightweight, short deck coupled with superior oscillation ensures that the cutter follows ground contours with precision, delivering a clean cut even on slopes.

Offset Dual Motor/Blade: The offset dual motor and blade configuration reduces weight, enhances visibility, and simplifies trailering for added convenience.

Multiple Width Options: Available in cutting widths of 44 inches, 54 inches, 66 inches, 72 inches, and 80 inches, allowing you to choose the perfect size for your specific job requirements.

High-Flow Models: High-flow models provide impressive torque for the most challenging brush cutting projects, ensuring superior performance in thick brush.

Patented Blade Shut Off: The patented blade shut off stops blade rotation when the rear roller is raised off the ground, enhancing safety and preventing damage.

Bob-Tach® Mounting System: The Bob-Tach mounting system facilitates fast and easy attachment changes, allowing you to spend less time on setup and more time on the job.

Top Tasks:

  • Clear trails or construction sites.
  • Control brush and undergrowth.
  • Mulch branches and saplings.

How It Works:

  • The Brushcat rotary cutter operates while traveling both in forward and reverse, offering versatility in various working conditions.
  • Front discs on all models allow the attachment to traverse uneven terrain with minimal skips, reducing operator fatigue and ensuring efficient operation.

Required Components:

The following components are required to operate this attachment and must be purchased separately:

  • Front roller kit.
  • Motor guard.
  • 4-inch cutting-height blades.

With its superior design, unmatched performance, and versatile capabilities, the Bobcat Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment is the ultimate solution for efficiently handling tough brush-clearing tasks across a wide range of industries and applications.

Bobcat Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment

    Bobcat Brushcat Rotary Cutter Attachment

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