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Introducing the Bobcat® Automatic Grade Control Sonic Slope Base Attachment, revolutionizing grading accuracy and efficiency for your projects.

Key Features:

Automatic Control: Reduce operator input while achieving better accuracy, faster travel speeds, and reduced fatigue, enhancing productivity on the job site.

Fingertip Controls: Conveniently located on the carrier's steering levers, fingertip controls offer quick access to elevation adjustments and automatic function activation, ensuring precise results with operator comfort in mind.

Manual Override Function: In automatic mode, operators can momentarily interrupt the system by adjusting the blade manually. Upon release, the system seamlessly returns to automatic mode, providing flexibility without sacrificing accuracy.

Top Tasks:

  • Accurate finish grading
  • Efficient rough grading
  • Path construction (e.g., golf cart, bike trails)
  • Concrete flatwork

How It Works:

The Sonic/Slope system comprises three main components:

  • Sonic Tracer: Controls the elevation of one side of the moldboard based on ultrasonic signals, maintaining a consistent distance from the reference object below.
  • Cross-Slope Sensor: Mounted on the opposite side of the moldboard, this sensor ensures a set cross-slope, enhancing grading precision.
  • Deluxe Instrumentation Panel: Allows operators to adjust system parameters and provides real-time information such as distance-to-target, optimizing grading operations.

Additional Components:

  • Rotation Sensor and Main Fall Sensor: Provide corrective data to the slope sensor when navigating slopes or angled blade operations.

Operators can easily set up the system by placing the sonic tracer over the desired reference point and adjusting the blade depth accordingly. For instance, when preparing a road subgrade with existing curb and gutter, operators can set the sonic tracer above the gutter and establish the desired cutting depth. The system then automatically maintains the set depth and slope as the machine moves, ensuring consistent grading results.

The system can also operate solely in cross-slope mode, useful for creating a smooth surface on initial passes to guide the sonic tracer accurately on subsequent runs.

Required Components:

  • Sonic Tracer
  • Cross-Slope Sensor
  • Deluxe Instrumentation Panel

Experience unparalleled grading efficiency and accuracy with the Bobcat Automatic Grade Control Sonic Slope Base Attachment, designed to streamline your grading operations with precision and ease.

Bobcat Automatic Grade Control Sonic Slope Base Attachment

    Bobcat Automatic Grade Control Sonic Slope Base Attachment

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