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Bobcat Angle Broom Attachment

Efficiently sweep and clean with the hydraulically driven Bobcat Angle Broom Attachment, designed for a variety of applications including leveling, backfilling, grading, and snow removal. Equipped with heavy-duty broom bristles, this attachment creates a cleaner path and sweeps more snow or debris in one pass, enhancing productivity and reducing the need for multiple sweeps.

Key Features:

  • Self-Centering Hydraulic Angling: Ensures the attachment stays centered on the machine, minimizing the risk of offset and reducing damage to surfaces outside of the desired cleaning area.

  • Compact Design: Highly maneuverable for maximum efficiency, allowing operators to navigate tight spaces with ease.

  • Easy Maintenance: Quick-change rotor design enables fast and effortless bristle replacement, enhancing uptime and reducing downtime.

  • Angle Control: Manual or electric-over-hydraulic angle adjustment allows for precise control of the broom angle, up to 25 degrees left or right.

  • Fingertip Controls: Electric-over-hydraulic angle control provides precise attachment control from the comfort of the cab, increasing operator convenience and efficiency.

  • Multi-Directional Sweeping: Reverse bristle rotation (available on select models) enables enhanced cleaning along curbs, corners, and around obstacles.

  • Flush Sweeping: Allows for flush sweeping along curbs or walls, improving overall cleaning effectiveness.

  • High-Torque Motor: Provides maximum power for efficient sweeping, even when engaging heavier debris.

  • Storage Stand: Included with larger brooms to prevent bristle distortion when not in use, maximizing uptime and longevity.

  • Patented Spring Design: Supports optimum down pressure, extended bristle life, and excellent cleaning performance.

  • Heavy-Duty Bristles: Replaceable polypropylene wafer bristles ensure durability and effective cleaning.



Operating Weight: Ranges from 260 lb to 944 lb Bristle Material: Replaceable polypropylene Broom Angling: Manual or hydraulic, depending on model Drive System: Hydraulic motor or direct drive, depending on model Sweep Width: Ranges from 41.5 inches to 84 inches, depending on model

How It Works:

The Angle Broom Attachment is hydraulically driven, rotating at a continuous speed to sweep away dirt, snow, or debris. The broom can be angled up to 25 degrees in either direction, allowing operators to easily sweep material to the side. Reverse the rotation of the broom for accessing tough spots with ease.

Required Components:

Hose extension kit (for Small Articulated Loaders) Attachments control kit

Top Tasks:

Clear away dirt, mud, light snow, and other debris Ideal for use on driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, loading docks, warehouses, and more

Bobcat Angle Broom Attachment

    Bobcat Angle Broom Attachment

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