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Bobcat Angle Blade Attachment

Ideal for a range of tasks including leveling, backfilling, grading, and snow removal on farms or acreages, the Bobcat Angle Blade Attachment offers an economical solution without the need for PTO. With its versatile design, the blade can be rotated a full 360 degrees and angled to move material from either side, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Key Features:

  • 360-Degree Rotation: The blade can be rotated a full 360 degrees, offering five forward and five reverse settings for both pulling and pushing operations.

  • Adjustable Widths: Available in three widths - 60-inch, 72-inch, and 84-inch - to suit various application needs and equipment specifications.

  • Category 1, 3-Point Hitch: Easily attachable to your compact tractor's 3-point hitch using connecting pins at each point. The adjustable top link ensures secure and centered attachment, facilitating quick and effortless setup.

  • Multiple Adjustment Types: Manual adjustment allows for easy rotation, while the offset feature enables up to 12 inches of movement to the left or right for precise control. Forward and reverse pivot options provide versatility with five positions each.

Top Tasks:

  • Snow removal from roads or parking areas
  • Gravel road and driveway grading
  • Land leveling and backfilling around buildings or feedlots

How It Works:

The Angle Blade Attachment is designed for hassle-free operation. Simply attach it to your compact tractor's 3-point hitch and start working. With its intuitive manual adjustments and versatile pivot settings, you can efficiently tackle various tasks with ease.


  • Operating Weight: Ranges from 308 lb to 348 lb
  • Moldboard Width: Matches the overall width of the attachment
  • Cutting Edge: 6 inches for effective material movement and leveling
  • Adjustment Types: Manual (360 Degree rotation), Offset (Max 12 inches left or right), Forward Pivot (5 positions), Reverse Pivot (5 positions)

Bobcat Angle Blade Attachment

    Bobcat Angle Blade Attachment

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