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Bobcat 3-Point Adapter Base Attachment

Enhance your equipment's versatility with the Bobcat 3-Point Adapter Base Attachment, designed to seamlessly integrate with Category I and II implements that adhere to the ASAE standard for quick hitch. Featuring the innovative Bob-Tach™ mounting system, this adapter allows for swift attachment, ensuring minimal downtime on the job.

Tailored for convenience and flexibility, the adapter includes an adjustable top link, empowering you to optimize attachment angles for various tasks. Additionally, it boasts a 2-inch receiver, facilitating convenient towing of trailers, further expanding the utility of your Bobcat equipment.

Key Specifications:

  • Operating Weight: 272 lb
  • Length: 14 in
  • Width: 46 in
  • Height: 29 in
  • Three-Point Mounting Frame: Compatible with most standard Category 1 and Category 2 Three-Point Hitch attachments, enhancing compatibility and usability across diverse implements.

Bobcat 3-Point Adapter Base Attachment

    Bobcat 3-Point Adapter Base Attachment

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