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National Photo Month May Contest Showcasing Bobcat Equipment Across the Nation

May is National Photo Month, and to celebrate, Bobcat GDN has launched an exciting photo contest inviting followers to share their best shots of Bobcat machinery. 

From May 1st to May 31st, enthusiasts and professionals alike showcased their favorite Bobcat equipment in action, capturing the power, versatility, and rugged beauty of these machines. Our network of 31 stores nationwide buzzed with excitement as submissions poured in, each photograph telling a unique story of hard work and innovation. After a month of voting and intense competition, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the National Photo Month May Contest!

First Place: Tracy Haycox - Reindeer Rancher

Tracy Haycox's stunning photograph captured the essence of Bobcat equipment in action. The image, submitted to Bobcat of Evansville, showcases the precision and strength of our machinery, earning Tracy the top spot in our contest. Congratulations, Tracy!

Second Place: Raymond Mueller - Mueller Excavating

Raymond Mueller's dynamic photo, submitted to Bobcat of St. Louis, highlighted the impressive capabilities of Bobcat equipment in an excavating project. The powerful composition and action-packed shot secured Raymond a well-deserved second place. Well done, Raymond!

Third Place: Tyler Lathom - Midwest Buildings & Composting, Inc.

Tyler Lathom's captivating photograph, submitted to Bobcat of Springfield, showcased the versatility and reliability of Bobcat machinery in a composting operation. The well-framed and detailed image earned Tyler third place in our contest. Great job, Tyler!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Your photos highlighted the incredible work being done with Bobcat equipment across the nation and demonstrated the passion and dedication of our community.

Stay tuned for more contests and events from Bobcat GDN, and keep sharing your amazing photos and stories with us. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of what Bobcat equipment can achieve.

About Bobcat GDN:

Bobcat GDN is a nationwide chain of Bobcat Equipment dealers, dedicated to providing top-quality machinery and exceptional customer service. With 31 stores across the country, we are committed to supporting the success and growth of our customers through reliable equipment and innovative solutions.

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