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Bobcat 3PT Tiller Attachment

Experience efficient soil preparation with the Bobcat 3PT Tiller Attachment, designed to transform backyard plots into fertile soil beds swiftly and effortlessly. Equipped with replaceable double-edge tines, it effortlessly breaks through clumps and hardened materials, ensuring optimal soil cultivation for planting.

Key Features:

Bi-Directional Operation: Enjoy the flexibility of top-cutting and under-cutting in both directions, enhancing versatility for various tilling tasks.

Adjustable Skid Shoes: Achieve precise depth control with adjustable skid shoes, enabling tailored tilling operations for different soil types.

Replaceable Tines: Hardened for maximum soil penetration, the double-edge tines are replaceable, ensuring prolonged durability and performance.

Offset Mounting: The offset mounting feature allows for seamless tilling next to sidewalks and buildings, expanding the versatility of the attachment.

Direct-Drive Hydraulic Motor: Experience reliable power delivery with the direct-drive hydraulic motor, reducing maintenance costs and extending attachment lifespan.

Bob-Tach® Mounting System: Effortlessly switch between attachments with the Bob-Tach® mounting system, maximizing equipment versatility and minimizing downtime.

Top Tasks:

  • Soil loosening and clump removal
  • Incorporating compost, fertilizer, and mulch
  • Bed preparation for planting
  • Weed removal between rows
  • Tilling alongside sidewalks and buildings


  • Operating Weight: Ranges from 591 lb to 749 lb
  • Width: Varied widths from 47.9 in to 84.4 in
  • Working Depth: Maximum depth of 6"
  • Drive: 540 PTO with Slip Clutch protection or Direct Drive
  • Tine Rotation: Bi-rotational for efficient tilling in both directions
  • Tractor Compatibility: Requires a tractor with 540 RPM PTO and minimum 20 hp

Choose from multiple models, including the 3PT Tiller 48, 3PT Tiller 60, and 3PT Tiller 72, each tailored to suit different soil preparation needs and tractor specifications.

Bobcat 3PT Tiller Attachment

    Bobcat 3PT Tiller Attachment

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