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  • Built to stand up to the absolute toughest jobs 
  • Stronger mounting frame, double-walled top cross member and thicker, taller side cutting edges to handle heavy-duty grading and leveling and material handling 


Excellent Cutting-Edge Visibility

Provides an optimal view to the cutting edge for greater precision. 

Reinforced Bucket

Built with better reinforcement in the right areas of the bucket back.   

Strong Cutting Edge

Strong, 1-by-8-inch cutting edge withstands higher breakout forces. 

Round Back Design

The bucket’s round back design enhances loading and cleanout. 

Waffle-Type Skid Plate

The waffle-type skid plate reinforces the cutting edge and adds strength to the bottom of the bucket for longer life, providing strength with minimal additional weight. 

Channel Design

The top and bottom bucket sections are feature a formed channel design that provides extra strength and durability. 


Top Tasks

  • Heavy-duty grading 
  • Heavy-duty leveling 
  • Carrying and loading 
  • Material handling 


Bucket Severe Duty - 74"

Bucket Severe Duty - 80"

Bucket Severe Duty - 86"

Bucket Severe Duty - 92"


Operating Weight

762 lb

806 lb

849 lb

892 lb


38.9 in

38.9 in

38.9 in

38.9 in


74 in

80 in

86 in

92 in


24.1 in

24.1 in

24.1 in

24.1 in

Bucket Specs

ISO Heaped Capacity

23.5 ft³

24.8 ft³

26.2 ft³

27.5 ft³

ISO Struck Capacity

16.1 ft³

17.5 ft³

18.8 ft³

20.2 ft³

Predrilled For

Bolt-on Edges or Teeth 

Bolt-on Edges or Teeth 

Bolt-on Edges or Teeth 

Bolt-on Edges or Teeth 

Options and Accessories

With Bobcat severe duty buckets, you can easily add custom options using simple tools. With other buckets, you must drill holes or permanently weld those options. Most Bobcat buckets are pre-drilled to accept the following accessories: 

  • Bucket Bite® Tooth Bar: Quickly convert your smooth-lip bucket into a toothed bucket 

  • Bolt-on teeth with replaceable points: Several styles available to chew through tough digging conditions 

  • Bolt-on cutting edge: Provide longer life to your loader’s bucket 

  • Bolt-on corner cutting edge:  Protect the corners of your bucket with these beveled cutting edges 

  • Bucket spill guard: Bolts onto the top of your bucket to reduce material boiling or falling over the back of the bucket 

Bobcat Severe Duty Bucket Attachment

    Bobcat Severe Duty Bucket Attachment

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