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Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor: Power and Versatility

Experience unmatched power and versatility with the Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor. Boasting a turbo-charged 55-hp engine and shift-on-the-fly manual synchro transmission, this compact tractor is designed to tackle the toughest tasks with ease. Key features include:

  • Turbo-Charged Engine: The CT4055 is equipped with a powerful 55-hp turbo-charged engine, providing the necessary horsepower to handle heavy-duty attachments and implements.
  • Shift-on-the-Fly Transmission: With shift-on-the-fly manual synchro transmission, you can seamlessly adjust gears while on the move, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  • Open Workstation with Roll-Over Protective Structure: The tractor features an open workstation with a Roll-Over Protective Structure, allowing for easy and safe access throughout the day.
  • Category 1 Three-Point Hitch: Utilize the Category 1 three-point hitch to attach a variety of implements, enabling you to mow large properties, grade driveways, haul heavy materials, or perform serious digging.
  • Standard Rear PTO and Four-Wheel Drive: The CT4055 comes standard with rear PTO and four-wheel drive, ensuring optimal performance and traction in challenging conditions.

Whether you're tackling landscaping projects, agricultural tasks, or construction work, the Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor is your ultimate heavy-duty work companion. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.

Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor

  • Horsepower

    50.3 hp

    Lift Capacity at 24" behind Lift Point

    2,716 lb

    PTO HP

    49.6 hp

    Transmission Type

    Manual 8x8 synchro 


    69.8 in

    Turning Radius

    8' 7"


    5' 11"

Bobcat CT4055 Compact Tractor

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