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Introducing the Bobcat® Backhoe Attachment, a versatile tool designed to transform your Bobcat loader into a powerful excavator, offering exceptional digging performance and operator convenience.

Key Features:

Full Line of Models: Available for all sizes of Bobcat loaders, the backhoe attachment boasts digging depths ranging from 6 to 11 feet, ensuring maximum excavating performance and carrier versatility for various job requirements.

Minimal Ground Disturbance: Operates with minimal ground disturbance, making it ideal for working in sensitive areas where precision is paramount.

Bucket Compatibility: Compatible with the same buckets available for excavators, providing flexibility to choose the right bucket width for different job types and requirements.

Excellent Visibility: Designed for excellent down-hole visibility, offering operators a clear line of sight from the seat for precise and accurate digging operations.

Bob-Tach™ Mounting System: Equipped with the Bob-Tach™ mounting system, allowing for fast and simple attachment changes, enhancing job site efficiency.

Top Tasks:

  • Complete excavation jobs at landscaping and nursery sites
  • Dig sewage systems and septic tanks
  • Perform water and power line maintenance

How It Works:

  • Attach the backhoe to your loader and lock the latch-arms to the mounting frame.
  • Secure the safety chain and hook up the backhoe to your loader’s auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Choose the appropriate bucket width for the excavation job.
  • From the operator’s seat, enjoy clear visibility into the hole, facilitating precise and accurate digging operations.
  • Once the job is complete, easily load the attachment onto your trailer for transport to the next site.

Model Options:

  • Backhoe - M06
  • Backhoe - 7BH
  • Backhoe - 8811
  • Backhoe - 9BH

Additional Details:

  • Turn your Bobcat® loader into a powerful excavator with the backhoe attachment, offering the digging force needed to tackle various excavation tasks.
  • Whether you're working in sensitive areas or handling full-time excavating jobs, the Bobcat backhoe attachment provides the versatility and performance required to power through any excavation job with ease.

Bobcat Backhoe Attachment

    Bobcat Backhoe Attachment

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