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Introducing the Bobcat® Auger Attachment, your solution for swift and precise hole digging with unparalleled torque and accuracy.

Key Features:

High Torque Performance: Bobcat auger attachments deliver exceptional torque, ensuring reliable performance on various job sites.

Versatile Mounting System: Effortlessly attach the auger to the carrier for efficient operation. Seamlessly switch between multiple carriers for added convenience.

Unique Knuckle Joint Design: This innovative design allows the auger to dig vertical holes, even on uneven terrain, ensuring consistent performance regardless of ground conditions.

Auger Bits and Teeth: Choose from a wide range of auger bits and teeth to match your specific digging requirements, providing versatility and adaptability to various conditions.

Planetary Drive: The planetary drive augers offer enhanced power and force, making them suitable for extreme ground conditions such as rock, shale, clay, and frost.

Top Tasks:

Augers are perfect for digging holes for posts, piers, poles, or trees.

How It Works:

Bobcat® augers are compatible with various Bobcat machines, including compact loaders, excavators, compact wheel loaders, telehandlers, small articulated loaders, Toolcat™ utility work machines, and mini-track loaders. Simply follow these steps for operation:

  • Raise the boom arms until the auger is vertical.
  • Engage the hydraulics into the detent position.
  • Slowly lower the lift arms until the auger contacts the surface.
  • Apply a small amount of down force to the auger.
  • Be cautious not to apply excessive force to prevent hydraulic motor stall.
  • To remove spoil, reverse the bit's direction and repeat if necessary for optimal digging performance.

Required Components:

A wide variety of auger bits and teeth are available to match your digging conditions.

Auger Models:

  • Auger - 35PH
  • Auger - 50PH
  • Auger Drive Unit - 12PH
  • Auger Drive Unit - 14PH
  • Auger Drive Unit - 20PH
  • Auger Drive Unit - 25PH

Additional Details:

Choosing the right auger model is crucial for optimal reliability and durability on the job site. Match the job's soil conditions with the motors for the best performance:

  • Model 12PH/14PH: Ideal for Low Torque and High-Speed applications, recommended for relatively easy digging or loose soil, up to 24 in. diameter bits.
  • Model 20PH/25PH: Ideal for Medium Torque and Medium Speed applications, suitable for moderate to heavy digging requirements, rocky soil, and occasional tough digging, up to 36 in. diameter bits.
  • Model 35PH/50PH: Ideal for High Torque and Low Speed applications, perfect for hard, tough, all-day digging through hardpan, frost, or asphalt, works well with large diameter bits and hex drive applications.

Bobcat Auger Attachment

    Bobcat Auger Attachment

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