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Bobcat Stand-On vs Sit-On Zero-Turn Mowers

Bobcat Stand-On vs Sit-On Zero-Turn Mowers

First, ask yourself, why would you use a Stand-On mower? Well, assess your properties. Are you on and off the machine several times a day? Are you mowing average sized lots, urban areas, cemeteries, or tight spaces, highly landscaped areas or fenced communities with gates.

A Stand-On Zero-Turn mower will help you get into places that a larger mower may not. Stand-on mowers are typically lighter, so certain soil conditions may require you to use a lighter machine. Sit-Down mowers are typically used for larger, wide open properties and municipalities like hospitals and school systems with acreage where a Sit-Down larger deck mower should be used for efficiency.

From a productivity standpoint, a Stand-On mower is more compact than a Sit-Down, allowing more units on a trailer for a larger crew. The Stand-On has enhanced maneuverability. Using a Stand-On will allow an operator to get around flower beds and highly landscaped areas that much quicker.

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A Stand-On also allows you to duck under smaller trees and get a little lower than a seat-back on a Sit-Down machine and standing on the more platform, your stronger leg muscles are utilized as shock absorbers versus your lower back on a Sit-Down machine, giving you more energy at the end of the day.

Whichever mower you choose Bobcat Company supports both mowers with the 3 year, 2000 hour warranty.

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